I84TZCCAEK75EWCAWLS2G7CA32C0MUCAJ1L75NCAXQB0NOCASG43BECA0LEBDECA501SRKCA0SVO9NCAFGTCU1CA7MKY85CACQQWC8CA873Y6RCAL9EI9SCAP71GP2CA2XBMYNCA7XPF94CAFYWZQ7CAXU7GY8CACA0HQU.jpg08UF10CA8HWRXWCAWOV3X5CA80VTOXCAQHE7B1CA2VA61LCAVO81GZCAX5ATP2CARXQ4LXCA7VK43PCA64X1BPCAKRRNVKCA9AGLECCA4EYBS0CAR7LD3ACAYRZWUMCALKO1W0CAF63GC5CA24T4CBCAPEVPUWCA35YKHN.jpg7USK60CANG1NMFCAE9XFYICAE3UBUZCAM902GDCA0E4BYHCARK30Z2CA36MVF0CAKOM5F1CAIW7ABOCAKC0VWGCANZFJ1WCA82T9QJCAXUWIZXCAAA4C01CA3NPCP7CAPL3QO3CAYA9Z3CCAUPRQ6FCAQGF0Y0CAMUQ5H0.jpgimg-thing.jpgThe artwork i have put on my page i am very interested in, i like the fact that it is emotional and shows deeper meaning, i enjoy this kind of work as i like to draw how i feel as well. To me these works tell me that the artist draws from personal experience which is something i like, i like the kind of line work used and how its very dark and not much colour is used. i really like whet the works represent and how they have quotes to go with the images . . . i would like to do something expressive and similar to these for my body of work.

What very interesting work and I am so glad you put those lovely pictures of yours on the page. Can you also put a copy in the VAPD it is perfect for idea development. Can you just start the CAse study.