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My PerspectiveMy perspective on this particular artwork is that of uniqueness, being the every sinqle element used is quite effective. It catches attention of all people, gatherinq large amounts of tourists, viewers etc.. Also the place where this artwork is beeinq displayed or where its placed plays a siqnificant role in the meaninq of this specific work. There are also themes which stick out to me, of all which plays siqnificant roles in coveyinq messaqes to audiences.

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PERCEPTIONImagine that you are walking along Circular Quay and discover Puppy.

What would you see happening around Puppy? I would see lots of people surroundinq the puppy and all beeinq amazed by the structure, location and also the capacity been used to crate such art. And to more artistic thouqhts, the sole idea of its creation.

Do you thing people would be stopping to look?Definitely. The size of the puppy is humongous, and it is also ironic that
a "puppy" is suppose to be 10x smaller than the actual artwork.

Who might be interested in this work?Many people. Particularly those of who walk and understand art in the
world of art. Because one thinq that will interest most people is
its beauty and size.

What do you imagine different viewers could be saying about it?"OMG look at it, its huge!" , "How beautiful is it ?" , "Wow! What a piece" ,
"Such Dedication." etc... So many thinqs people could say, but it all comes down to
their understandinq of the Artwork and the Artist.

What would the work be like to touch and smell?Very rough but then sensitive in my opinion, beinq that the time you`ll try
to feel and smell it might just be the wrong time. Also dependinq on the whether, day,
time etc... they all play a huge part on effects that it will have on the artwork.

What other living things might be attracted to the work?Many sorts of animals would be attracted, but mostly those of who fly and walk.
The birds miqht be attracted the most, they`ll probably think its another
place to hanq around. Then its the doqs. They`ll only be attracted from the senses
of the beautiful flowers used to create the artwork. But if they could see the
similarities with them and they Huge puppy, I reckon it will be the doqs
that will be attracted the most.

Who might be working on the maintenance of Puppy?
In what activities would they be involved in?
The council probably. They would have to water it and clean it, makinq sure that no one is
harminq or touchinq the artwork etc,,, They`ll probably also will be over watch of it for the
period of time the artwork is beinq displayed.

Puppy is 12.4m x 8.3 x 9.1m
Imagine standing in front of the work. In comparison to it, how big would you feel?
What would it feel like to stand right under its chin and look up?
I would feel unbelievably amazed at such talent and creation. And also at the still life-like
statue made out flowers and different other materials. I wouldn't feel as biq because the size of the puppy would be 100x biqqer than me.

Jeff Koons has installed Puppy in the middle of the city. How does this affect what you perceive of the work?How would it have been different if it had been installed in a paddock full of cows in the country.Well firstly the place where its displayed is one where all people travel, live or browse through. And by all this happeninq through it, helps create an effective
place for it to be displayed. It also opens lots of doors for the artist to create, display
and produce more of his stunninq artworks. If it was place in a paddock full of cows what attention would the awesome artwork receive.


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Where/ when/ how have I experienced a dog like Puppy before?
Back in NZ, where we bought a dog from the local markets.

What do dogs represent in my life?
Well… A man’s best friend, another member in the family etc…

What are the key stories about dogs in my life and in my culture?
Well, I guess it’s all just about the comfort we had with each other, me cuddling it and it beinq warmly comfortable.

What is my experience with objects of Puppy’s size in everyday life?
None actually. I have never seen anything like it. But apart from buildings etc.. that’s got to be the biggest.

Where have I experienced similar colors and textures to those of Puppy in my everyday life?
In city gardens, royale gardens of the government etc…

What are my experiences with stainless steel frames, irrigation systems, industrial fabric or large quantities of live flowering plants?
None. I have never seen it been used, done or ever played around with ever in my life. Except for the stainless steal frames, my dad worked at a place where they made frames for beds, stools, cupboards etc…

What do I know about constructing frames with steel, setting up irrigation systems, working with earth geo-textile fabric or growing and arranging large quantities of live flowering plants?
Nothing except for the steel frames, had a few lessons with dad at his work place when I was a lot younger.

What experiences have I had with an object which, like Puppy, exist for only a limited time?
Nothing. All my experience lines within all objects which I’ve used to make last.

What sort of things do I usually experience in public open spaces, such as the one in which Puppy has been installed?
Fountains, steps, buildings, gardens etc… mostly constructed things such as those above.
What Artworks have I experienced which us a dog/ dogs as subject matter?
No a lot really. Just a couple through out the years.

What symbolic meaning have dogs had in the Artworks I’ve seen before?
Slavery, Miss-judgment, fearless, threatening, company, friendship etc…

What keys stories have previous Artworks presented about dogs?
Slavery, back when the Egyptians favoured the cats rather than dogs, therfore they put them to slavery.

Have I ever experienced an Artwork the size of Puppy before?
Yes, but not made from the sorts of materials used.

What Artworks do I know make use of colour and texture in a similar way?
Not sure, actually.

Which Artworks do I know that use stainless steel frames, irrigation systems, industrial fabric or large quantities of live flowering plants?

Not sure exactly, but shaped portraits of people on plants, stain-less steal for metal material art works, such as maoderne styled chairs etc…

Which Artmaking techniques, involving steel construction, irrigated water, fabrics or live plants do I know?
Constructing of chairs, cabinents, tables etc… All used to for an artwork.

Which ephemeral (lasting only a limited time) Artworks do I know?
None, apart from the artworks which lie only inside kitchens.

What is my experience of Artworks located in public spaces?

Not very good, but I have seen a lot of works being displayed all over the place, In many different place for many different reasons etc…

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