Artistist and artworks that inspire me:
The way women are pertrayed in the media to an audience has changed over the years. its perception and meaning that it is portraying to the audience has changed dramatically and i believe that it is giving the wrong message. AndréLondon, UK, is a pinup artist who creats pin up art, and he bases them on quality of image and accurate information on the art and its history and its meaning.Below is some of his artworks and about the artist.

when i look at puppy i see an artwork that has been made by an artist that appreciates and loves dogs. my personal oppinion, dogs have nothing to do with my life; but this arwork makes me feel happy and 'at home'. when i think about the artist and the relationship between the artist and his artwork i can see that its a happy feeling. the colours and perfect shape and the perticular flours used, its meant to portray a happy feeling to its audience.


visualisation of artist statement

barbie_real_life-bernie.jpgmarilyn_monroe_bernie.jpgbarbie_1930ss.jpgbarbie_gown_19302.jpgexternal image Untitled-1_1499297c.jpg


Good start Bernie
Check this out though

IMAGE © Steven Siewert Waiting for Wanda Jackson, Sydney's Rockabilly Sub-Culture 2008
This image was exhibited at the Australian Centre of Photography. Google this Guy his work is cool