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What a wonderful development (the work below) I love it and please remind me to bring in my and my mates doll work. Lets find a way you can do this. All your work this term is of an outstanding standard GREAT WORK
An artist and their artwork of my interest
An artist and their artwork that I have true interest in would be “Living dead dolls” by Ed & Damien. Their work is basically mutated dolls. I can relate to their as I have a personal hate for dolls and I enjoy how the dolls have been tortured. Their work is mostly for merchandise as they sell their dolls, although they have had art shows for their work. I find their work to be quite meaningful and so very interesting. I feel that the message that Ed & Damien are trying to send out to the audience is based on “horror” and the fear they want their dolls to be perceived. Below are a few images of the “Living dead dolls” and the link to their official website.
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Images for my major work

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My artist statement


What would you see happening around Puppy?
I would see groups full of people just staring and analysing the Puppy, and sharing different thoughts and views about the Puppy.

Do you think people would be stopping to look?

Definitely, the Puppy is huge and would cause so much discussion about it.

Who might be interested in this work?

Anyone and everyone. Especially huge fans of Jeff Koons, and a huge Dog lover.

What do you imagine different viewers could be saying about it?

Some could be saying that they really appeal to this artwork, some would tend to disagree. It depends on whether you are a fan of Jeff Koons and his work etc. Viewers could just be talking and discussing about the enormous size of the dog, and the effort put into it and offcourse the fact that it is in the centre of the city.

What would the work be like to touch and smell?

I could imagine the work to be soft and fluffy to feel because of the plants that are growing out of the statue, hence the fur of a Puppy. The scent of the Puppy I’m not so sure about, I can imagine it to just smell like plants.

What other living things might be attracted to the work?
Other living things that might be attracted to the work could be birds, they might like how the Puppy statue is covered in plants and they would feel comfortable to live there, lay nests etc. Other living things that would be attracted to the artwork would be bees & wasps, basically because the huge Puppy is covered in flowers.

Who might be working on the maintenance of Puppy? In what activities would they be involved?

Jeff Koon would have hired someone to continuously water and trim the Puppy, ensuring that the Puppy stays luscious in green.

Puppy is 12.4m x 8.3 x 9.1m Imagine standing in front of the work. In comparison to it, how big would you feel? What would it feel like to stand right under its chin and look up?

I wouldn’t feel big at all. I’m already short as it as and to stand next to a Puppy statue that stands 12.4m x 8.3 x 9, I would feel plain tiny. The feeling of standing right under the Puppy’s chin and looking up would be amazing. To be able to glance up at a statue the size of a museum that is offcourse adorable as most puppies are, would just be a lifetime experience that I think everyone should have.

Jeff Koons has installed Puppy in the middle of the city. How does this affect what you perceive of the work? How would it have been different if it had been installed in a paddock full of cows in the country?

Jeff Koons installed the Puppy in the middle of the city obviously because he wanted all attention to be drawn at his work. The city is always busy and noisy and full of anger and frustration, but to talk past this huge Puppy would truly change the day of any grumpy business man. If the Puppy were to be installed in a paddock full of cows in the country, it wouldn’t be as popular and wouldn’t have as many people to stop and stare at his piece of work.

Now go back and look at your initial description of what you saw when you looked at Puppy. Has your further investigation of the work altered your perception of it/ Make a note of any new knowledge you have realised about Puppy as a result of this activity.

No, my further investigation of the work has not altered my perception of the artwork. My personal views and opinions are still the same as they were before.

What do you see?
When I look at the image of Puppy, I feel a sense of happiness. Not only because of the vibrant colours and patterns of the flowers, because when I look at the Puppy statue, I start to remember memories of my old puppy. Feelings of happiness, love and warmth come to my mind, and I miss that. The Puppy statue, being at the height of the Contemporary Art Museum, doesn’t really send off that friendly feeling. Something so adorable, blooming with spectacular flowers at that height, doesn’t bring that much love or any type of positive feeling to me. Something towering as tall as the Puppy statue is not perceived cute to me. But, despite the height of the Puppy statue, I fell in love with the it immediately.



Virtual Properties
Previous life experiences
Previous ART experiences
Subject Matter





Colour, texture






Where/ when/ how have I experienced a dog like Puppy before? When I was about 7 years old and my mother bought me my first puppy. I loved him so much and when I look at the artwork Puppy, I start to reminisce and I perceive the artwork to be like my dog.

What do dogs represent in my life?
Companions. Someone that is always there and always pleased to see you.

What are the key stories about dogs in my life and in my culture?

With my family, we have always been a “dog” family. Just the fact that when you are lonely and there isn’t anyone else to turn to, you have your dog. At every stage of my growth, I have had a dog by my side. Dogs mean allot to me, they aren’t just an animal.

What is my experience with objects of Puppy’s size in everyday life?
From what I have read, the Puppy statue is quite large and the only experience in comparison to the Puppy statue I have would probably be with towers, block of units...Any large building.

Where have I experienced similar colours and textures to those of Puppy in my everyday life?
The colours and textures associated with Puppy that I have experienced would be my garden at home. The different variety of flowers, the vibrant colours and patterns of the flowers in my garden and the thick rich green grass.

What do I know about constructing frames with steel, setting up irrigation systems, working with earth geo textile fabric or growing and arranging large quantities of live flowering plants?
I know that it would take allot of time, and money. It would involve allot of construction, but in the end it would be worth it as it blossoms with beauty and attracts so many people, along with their different thoughts and views, depending on their own perspective of it.

What experiences have I had with an object, which, like Puppy, exists for only a limited time?
At my cousins wedding. There was a large ice sculpture of my cousin and her husband. The sculpture was beautiful, but unfortunately only lasted for a couple of hours and eventually melted.

What sort of things do I usually experience in public open spaces, such as the one in which Puppy has been installed?
Usually when I go to the city, right across from paddy’s markets there is a huge tree, right in front of China town. This tree has gold and water running down, resembling earth, metal, water and wind. It is specifically placed in a position which attracts allot of attention and different views and thoughts, just like Puppy.
What Artworks have I experienced with a dog/ dogs as subject matter? The only other artwork I can think of that I have had experience with would be the artwork of the Dogs playing poker by C.M. Coolidge.

What symbolic meaning have dogs had in the Artworks I’ve seen before?
In the artwork Dogs playing poker to me the symbolic meaning in this artwork is that each dog has a different personality which relates to men when they play poker. E.g. one dog was known as “ the bluffer”

What keys stories have previous Artworks presented about dogs?

In the artwork Dogs playing poker, I believe that the key story in this artwork portrayed is, that dogs are known as a “man’s best friend” whereas in this artwork the dogs are doing what their owner would usually do – drinking beer, smoking, playing poker etc.

Have I ever experienced an Artwork this size before?
Unfortunately, no I have not ever experienced an artwork this size before.

What Artworks do I know which make use of colour and texture in a similar way?
Rainbow world postcard, The flowing rainbow merging of land and sea from a larger, highly colourful artwork of two nature spirits - the Earth child, with her hair of flowers and plants, and gown of bright soil, flowing in rainbows into the bright blue ocean. The white spray of the cresting wave contrasts with the duller reds and purples of the setting sun.

Which Artworks do I know that use stainless steel frames, irrigation systems, industrial fabric or large quantities of live flowering plants?
Unfortunately I do not know any artworks that have used any of the above in their artwork.

Which Art making techniques, involving steel construction, irrigated water, fabrics or live plants do I know?
Unfortunately I do not know any artworks that have used any of the above in their artwork.

Which ephemeral (lasting only a limited time) Artworks do I know?

Nicole Dextras – her “iceworks winter” section where she froze different pieces of clothing.

What is my experience of Artworks located in public spaces?
At first I don’t notice the artwork. But eventually you see a group of people gathering around something, and you become curious and cannot help but to see what all the fuss is about.

What new insights about Puppy have you gained through this activity?
So far throughout this activity, I have established several new insights about the Puppy statue. One is that I have realised that constant observing of this statue enables me to start remember past experiences and personal thoughts on Puppy. By viewing the image of Puppy it triggers memories of my first puppy. The use of the colourful flowers on Puppy relates to the happiness my puppy brought me, as well as the love and affection.


John Godfrey Saxe's (1816-1887)
Response to the blind men and the elephant
The poem is about six blind men that each go to the elephant and touch different parts of the elephant’s body. The first blind mind goes to touch the elephant’s body, and to him it feels like a wall, as stated in the poem. The second blind man goes and touches the tusk, and feels like a spear to him. The third blind man goes to have a feel as well, and as he touches the trunk of the elephant, to him it feels like a snake. The fourth blind man goes to touch the elephant’s knee and to him it feels like a tree. The fifth blind man goes to touch the elephant’s ear, and feels like a fan to him. As the sixth blind man goes to touch the elephant’s tail, he believes it is a rope. In conclusion, each blind man has their own visual perception of what each body part is to them. But unfortunately they are all wrong. This poem to me is about that every person has a different view on everything, and even though each blind man touched the same elephant, they all came up with different theories of what each part of the elephant was. So, determining on previous life experiences and your personal view on certain things, that will in turn determine each person’s perspective on life and its surroundings.