Assessment TASK ONE
Due Week 8

Body of Work and VAPD PROGRESS
Artist Statement

H1,H2, H3.H4, H5,H6

Weighting 10%

A presentation needs to be given to the class in week 8.
As a part of this presentation you need to hand in your VAPD and Artist Statement.

The aim of this project is to test your idea for your body of work on an AUDIENCE.
The audience is the class. We have done a lot of work trying to understand how to create meaning. It is time to test if you understand how to crate meaning.

The CASE STUDY has taught you how to understand meaning in an art work. To use this knowledge in your body of work is as simple as copying the exercises but relate them to what you want your audience to experience and what you think your audience understands.

Look at page 43 ( Synthesising your collection of ideas into a coherent interpretation)

In this diagram you see Jeff Koons's Puppy in the middle.
Image instead your body of work (if you can't visualise your body of work yet then just put your idea)

In the first box YOUR PERCEPTIONS OF THE WORK ( what your want to communicate to your audience)

Next COMPARISONS WITH YOUR PREVIOUS EXPERIENCES OF LIFE AND ART ( list what you think your audience understands about your body of work or idea in relation to there life experiences and art they may have experienced)

OUR RELATIONSHIPS WITH DOGS (Societies knowledge of your idea/ body of work, all there relationships)

REPRESENTATIONS OF DOGS IN ART (representations in art that are similar to your idea/body of work)

JEFF KOON'S ON PUPPY ( You on describing your work and your idea, YOUR notion and experience of your work)

CRITIQUES RESPONSES TO JEFF KOONS AND PUPPY ( AHHH, guess what!!! This means the class has to interact during your presentation. How can they do this? How can you gage if the students in our class understand your idea? Is this the response you expected?

You can survey the class.
ASk them to take notes.
Question the class and have someone take notes.