Jeff Koons 'Puppy'

Imagine that you are walking along Circular Quay and discover Puppy.

What would you see happening around Puppy?
Do you thing people would be stopping to look?
Who might be interested in this work?
What do you imagine different viewers could be saying about it?

What would the work be like to touch and smell?

What other living things might be attracted to the work?

Who might be working on the maintenance of Puppy? In what activities would they be involved?

Puppy is 12.4m x 8.3 x 9.1m Imagine standing in front of the work. In comparison to it, how big would you feel? What would it feel like to stand right under its chin and look up?

Jeff Koons has installed Puppy in the middle of the city. How does this affect what you perceive of the work? How would it have been different if it had been installed in a paddock full of cows in the country?

Now go back and look at your initial description of what you saw when you looked at Puppy. Has your further investigation of the work altered your perception of it/ Make a note of any new knowledge you have realised about Puppy as a result of this activity.

http://aviary.com/blog/posts/famous-works-of-art-simpsonized - On this artists blog, I have found found appropriated artworks, made to look as thought produced by Simpsons Caroonist Matt Groenig. I am familiar with all the original artworks he has appropriated.
Edvard Munch's The Scream

Grant Woods' American Gothic

Andy Warhol' Marilyn Monroe

Leonardo Da Vinci's Self Portrait